FAQ for Service Learning

June 07, 2018

FCPS Service Learning FAQs

What’s Service Learning? Service learning is an effective way for youth to develop the drive and desire to become lifelong volunteers and engaged citizens. Students can participate in activities through outside organizations like Volunteer Fairfax as well as at Rachel Carson Middle School. Service learning at Rachel Carson aligns with the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate that supports the development of responsibility to the local and global community.

When & where can it occur? All 15 hours of service learning must take place outside of instructional hours: during Panther Time, after school, and/or outside of school.

How do I get credit for my service? All 15 service hours need to be recorded in x2VOL, available through Family Connections in Blackboard. You must collect the email address of the adult for whom you are performing service. If you cannot get the adult’s email please type in the email address of your parent to verify you have completed the service opportunity. Enter their email address into x2VOL within a week of performing the service so that your service can be verified in a timely manner.

What counts as Service Learning?

Examples of Service Learning

  •  Helping at a food bank
  •  Helping a teacher in their classroom
  •  Helping a school set-up and/or run an event
  •  Picking up trash in a community
  •  Coaching or mentoring kids
  •  Participating in a service-oriented club (Going Green, Peer Tutoring, Touching Heart, etc.)
  •  Baking for a cause
  •  Helping a religious organization
  •  Helping a political organization
  •  Scouting service projects

 Non-Examples of Service Learning

  •  Grading papers for a teacher
  •  Bringing in school supplies like tissues, candy, or magazines
  •  Founding, attending, or participating in a non-service orientated club
  •  Doing a favor for a family member, neighbor, individual, or friend
  •  Performing chores or housework

To receive credit, all service must involve work by the student and provide a benefit to the community. Credit will not be given for mere attendance at an event, or for a project or activity that benefits only the student, his or her relatives, friends, or neighbor. Additionally, you cannot benefit from the service in any way financially or academically. Remember that hours completed for National Junior Honor Society cannot also be used to count towards your service hours for Civics. When in doubt ask your current Social Studies teacher!

To see more information about Service Learning at Rachel Carson and for help using X2VOL click here.