Carson MS Students Work With Students in Spain

Global Classroom Project

By P. Silverthorn
April 06, 2018

The Global Classroom is a district-wide pilot project where FCPS students collaborate with peers from around the world on authentic tasks and challenges through a variety of learning opportunities. FCPS has students representing many areas of the world, and this will help students to understand and recognize cultural similarities and differences, while transforming beliefs and attitudes.                                                                                                                                                   

A group of 30 ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students from many countries in the world, currently students at RCMS, was selected to participate in this exciting opportunity.  The teacher leader of this effort, Alberto Barrueco, established a relationship with a school in Spain. We have traded student profiles and have ongoing communication using Flipgrid. Teachers have been collaborating using Google and WhatsApp. Students and teachers on both sides of the Atlantic are finding this to be a very exciting opportunity to work on English oral and written communication skills.

Our Global Classroom Team at RCMS includes Patricia Silverthorn supporting our use of technology, along with our librarians, Kirk Treakle and Elizabeth Donovan, and two of our ESOL teachers, Alberto Barrueco and Elena James