Welcome Back Message from Principal Stokes

By Gordon Stokes
Message from the Principal
April 06, 2018

Hello Panthers,

While some elements of winter still continue to linger, it is great to know that spring is here.  With Spring Break behind us, we are firmly in the home stretch of the school year. 

Like every other school year, the 2017-18 school year has passed by rapidly.  As a student body, you have been immersed in the many aspects of a vibrant school year.  In your classes, you strived to demonstrate your learning through creative displays, class speeches and presentations, and various writing products.  You have also demonstrated your hard work and talents through other avenues – on stage, on athletic fields and courts, and in competitive academic events.  Most important, you have worked to exhibit positive citizenship by showing kind and respectful actions to your fellow Panthers and providing service back to the school community.  For all of the ways that you have contributed to the Carson community, I thank you.

The final months of the school year are quite busy and full of activity.  Teachers will continue to challenge students with rigorous assignments which compel students to use their creative and critical thinking skills.  Eighth grade students will enter the final phases of their work with the Capstone Experience as they gear up for their presentation of learning in the last weeks of the school year.  Seventh grade students will engage in interdisciplinary projects through their core classes.  It is a goal for students to recognize that the content from individual subject areas are interrelated and should be applied throughout their academic experiences.

April also brings us to a time for reflection and celebration.  This year is the 20th anniversary of the opening of Rachel Carson Middle School.  The week of April 16th will be a week of festivities.  We are very proud of our school’s legacy.  Plans are in place to recognize our school’s past, present, and future.  There will be activities held in each Panther Time class during the week to have some fun with this milestone for our school.  We will take time to learn more about our school’s namesake and how her actions lead to positive strides towards protecting our natural environment.  The week culminates with our 20th anniversary festival on Friday April 20th.  This is an event for the entire community.  It will feature music, food, games, and prizes.  All students and families, past and present, are invited to attend.  We look forward to this opportunity to gather as a community.

Thank you for all of your hard work and great spirit throughout this school year.  We are excited to enjoy these final weeks of the school year.


Gordon Stokes

Principal Rachel Carson Middle School