Business & Entrepreneurship

Business and Entrepreneurship Club introduces students to the basics of starting and running a business. There are three main aspects to it:

  • Speaker Series: Business entrepreneurs and innovators from various fields share their experience on topics such as Product Development, Strategy, Marketing and Advertising, Social Media etc.
  • Team Projects: Members of the B&E Club will form teams and develop their product idea and business plan using techniques and information gathered from this club.
  • Junior STEM Entrepreneur Challenge: Teams from the B&E Club will have an opportunity to compete in the Junior STEM Entrepreneur Challenge hosted by Virginia Tech. Research Center and Airforce Office of Scientific Research. The challenge will be scheduled in March 2022 and winners will receive an opportunity to further continue product development and the mentorship industry experts.             Sign up using this form. For more information go to our website at Our club's first meeting is September 29 and the first speaker is coming on October 4.