Reporting Absences

Parents or guardians should email or call the attendance line or use our online attendance form in the morning before attendance is taken, to let the school know of any tardiness or absence. For middle school students, attendance is checked daily for period and all-day absences and calls and emails are made at 10 a.m. In addition, attendance is reconciled at 4 p.m. Calls and emails follow at 7 p.m. via an automated attendance system or by the school.

We offer three different ways to report an absence

Early Dismissal Procedure

To request an early dismissal complete and print Early Dismissal Request Form for your child. Your child should bring the form to the main office upon arrival to school in order to receive an early dismissal pass for that day. Please do not request early dismissal through the attendance email or phone line.  

Tardy Policy

The expectation for all Carson students is to be on time to class each day, every period.

  • All students must be in the classroom by the time the bell stops ringing.
  • Students are expected to have a pass if their tardiness is excused. They will not be allowed to go back and get a pass.
  • Teachers will make every effort to release students when the bell rings. If by chance they do keep a student after the bell, they will notify the next teacher via email or a written pass so that the tardy will be recorded as excused. 
  • Teachers will use professional judgment to work with students who might have a legitimate reason for being late. However, coming from PE class should not be the excuse.
  • For attendance purposes, students should always report to the main office for an office pass when arriving late to school.

Download the Carson school Tardy Policy here