Student Services

Student Services Staff

  • Student Information Assistant (Registrar)  Lesa Lloyd | 703-925-3613

Counseling Team

  • Counselor Explorers (A-L), Wolves, Voyagers Brenda Humphrey | 703-925-3618
  • Counselor Explorers (L-Z), Yellow Jackets, X-Treme Esther Ferrell | 703-925-3617
  • Counselor  All Stars, Champions Joni Fraundorfer | 703-925-3616
  • Counselor  Trailblazers (M-Z), Dream, Majestics Rebecca Little | 703-925-3619
  • Counselor Legacy, Trailblazers (A-L), Dolphins Gina Fajardo | 703-925-3620

Support & Special Resource Staff

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