Record Request and Private School Application Process

Record Request and Private School Application Process

Request for Academic Records

If you are moving or transferring to a new school requests for student academic records may be directed to the registrar in our Student Services Office. Please call 703-925-3614 or email Andrea Tawil at @email. There is a 5 day turn around time, so please plan accordingly. If you want copies mailed, please be sure to provide us with a stamped, addressed envelope. Requests for student medical records also should be directed to the registrar. If you are currently applying to private schools please follow the instructions listed below to complete the process.

Private School Application Process

Please complete the "Private School Request Form" and the "Parent Consent Form: SS-SE79" and submit them to the Student Service’s Office (You can email Lesa Lloyd at @email) or submit to your counselor.

If Teacher Letter of Recommendation is required, submit “Request for Teacher Letter of Recommendation Form” & any required emails directly to the teacher.

If a Principal or Counselor Letter of Recommendation is required, submit the “Principal or Counselor Request for Recommendation Form” & any required emails directly to your student’s counselor.

Transcript Fee: The first requested copy of the transcript is free; each additional transcript request is $5 per transcript. Payment is accepted through MySchoolBucks. Go to MySchoolBucks under School Store --> Browse all items or you can go directly there with this Qr code.  

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Carson Middle School will not email transcripts until payment has been received. Example: If your student is applying to 3 schools, the 1st request would be free & you would pay a total of $10 for the 2nd & 3rd transcript.