Activities at Rachel Carson

After School Program

After School Attendance Form:

Rachel Carson students may participate in a wide variety of wonderful after school activities. These range from social, athletic and academic groups including award winning teams such as Debate, Model UN and TSA.  Some of our other clubs this year that include World Awareness for Change, Emerging Technologies, Dungeons & Dragons, Creative Yarn Club, Appian Board Game Club, Spectrum of Carson LGBTQ+ & Allies as well as many others.

The school provides high-quality activities where students can feel safe, improve academic performance, improve social, emotional, and physical well-being, and reduce the potential for risk-taking behaviors. 

After school activity/club ideas may be proposed and submitted to Mr. Pawlowski by students.  The Club Proposal form must be fully completed to be considered. 

At this time, we are not starting any new clubs.

The Club Proposal form is attached:Club%20Proposal-Writable.pdf


After School Activities Program List