Library Frequently Asked Questions

When is the library open?

Monday and Thursday:  7:15am - 3:30pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday:  7:15am - 2:30pm


For how long can I check out a book or magazine?

Books:  3 weeks

Magazines:  1 week

The date due card you stamp and place in the pocket in the back of the book will indicate when the book is due back to the library.  Make sure you can read the date when you stamp your card.  If you need the material longer, bring the book or magazine back to the library before the due date and renew for another loan period.

When can I come to the library?

  • Before school (7:15-7:30)
  • Between class periods . . . if you're quick
  • During Panther Tim
  • On your way to and from lunch . . . if you're quick!
  • With  your classes for check-out and/or class activities
  • On your way to your bus . . . if you're quick!
  • A-Block after school on Mondays and Thursdays 

How do I come to the library during Panther Time?

Students may visit the library during Panther Time.  Due to the large number of Panther Times throughout the building, only one student from each PT make come to the library at a time.  Students must bring their DAB with the Passport Pass filled out

Sign in and out on one of the clipboards


How can I suggest a book that the library doesn't have?

We LOVE suggestions!  Write your suggestion down in the Library Binder in the suggestion tab. See one or your friendly librarians if you need help. 


Can I eat , drink, and use my POD in the library?

Water is acceptable in the library, but please keep water bottles away from computers.  No other drink or food can be eaten in the library.  This includes during designated snack periods and after school.  The library is a classroom, so personally owned devices are welcome for academic use.  


Can I do community service in the library?

YES!  We love having eager and helpful students earn services hours in the library.  Please check with one of the librarians to see if there is availability for your preferred date.  Once your date is approved, you must sign up in the Library Binder.  We will initial that you have spoken with us.  If you do not speak with a librarian in advance, you may not stay for service hours.  


Do you have any audio-books?

YES!  We are constantly adding to our audio-book collection.    We have many books on CD and cassette, and well-over 100 playaways.

Audio-books are great for long car trips, bus stops, walking the dog, and even unloading the dishwasher!  Check one out today.