Meet With a School Counselor

When you want to see your counselor, just go to the counselor’s suite near in the main office. If your counselor is available, he or she will see you immediately; if not, simply fill out a request, leave it in the counselor’s mailbox and go to class. Your counselor will call you out of class as soon as possible. Get to know your counselor; he or she can really help. 

Parents- when you want to see your child’s counselor: Since we attempt to be available for your child at any point during the school day, please call ahead before coming to see us. We are always available by Email!

Why Contact Your School Counselor?

Parents May Want to Contact the School Counselor for:

  • Questions regarding student achievement
  • Individual needs of their child
  • Family issues or concerns 
  • Early discussion of a potential crisis
  • Facilitation of a parent/teacher meeting
  • Test interpretation/placement concerns
  • Resource material and/or referrals

Here are some reasons a school counselor may be in contact with parents:

  • To discuss academic issues
  • To assist with finding community resources
  • To share information should social or health issues arise
  • To arrange team meetings or meetings with counselor

Sometimes when you call us, we are in a meeting. You may ask. “What are all those meeting that they are always in?”

  • Committee on Special Education Meetings
  • 504 hearings
  • Weekly team Meetings
  • Faculty Meetings
  • Professional Development
  • Clinical Team Meetings
  • School Counselors Planning Meetings
  • Crisis intervention
  • Standardized Testing Meetings
  • Student Meetings Parent Meetings

All of these meetings are to ensure that your child receives the attention they need to be successful. As a department, all the counselors look forward to being a partner with parents/guardians and working together to ensure that each child has a happy middle school experience.   If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s middle school experience please contact the Student Services Office at (703) 925-3614 to be directed, to the appropriate counselor.