Fairfax Fencers

Fencing is a fun, fast paced, action packed, sport; challenging, and developing both physical and cognitive skills. Fairfax Fencers – a top ranked fencing club with highly qualified, fully vetted and deeply passionate instructors – has put together a concise, progressive training program to provide students with a solid introduction to foil fencing and a sense of the various pathways available in fencing beyond the introductory level.

This specially designed program will begin with an overview of the sport of fencing, safety while in or around fencing, proper use of fencing gear, and then briskly move on to warm-up drills, conditioning, fencing techniques and open fencing. Class time for this program will be 1 hour a week (with an additional 15 mins. before and after class to set up and remove equipment) for a period of 8 weeks culminating with a mini-tournament giving students a taste of the next level of fencing and a great chance to have fun utilizing their newly acquired skills and techniques.

The cost is $60 per student for an 8-week session.  The winter session begins on Monday, February 3.

Registration opens on Wednesday, January 8.  There are 20 openings.  Payment can be made on My School Bucks.